Value Added Services (VAS)

We offer VAS solutions such as Operator Services and Infotainment Content. In addition to this we are a Virtual Internet Service Provider (VISP).

Telecommunication VAS

VAS refer to the non-core services, i.e., besides standard voice and fax transmissions, offered in the telecom sector. Their aim is to promote an operator’s business. VAS spurs mobile subscribers to increasingly use their mobile devices in order to allow operator to pull up their average revenue per user (ARPU). VAS is important to carriers as a revenue stream since these services represent a huge growth potential. While higher revenue is a prime driver for Telecoms to push and sell VAS, another is that the revenue from voice has dramatically fallen as the market has become saturated. We will help you capitalize on these changes.

Virtual Internet Service Provider

A virtual Internet service provider (VISP) is a company that provides Internet services under a brand name thereby allowing customers to access the Internet through multiple points of presence (POPs). We will help you set yourself up as a VISP and ensure that we give you all the necessary tools and services to operate seamlessly and efficienctly using the latest Internet technologies.