Financial technology (FinTech) describes the area where financial services and technology intersect to provide solutions and products that support or enable banking and financial services.

Secure Banking

Based on an overlay secure element with banking grade encryption, data storage and other capabilities, it builds a “Secure Transport Bridge ” for data from any mobile handset and a backend Financial Inclusion Service Management (FISM) platform. This solution is device / device OS and network independent and uses the base SIM network capability to communicate using encrypted SMS / USSD or even data bearers.

Bringing Multiple Capabilities to the Handset:

  • Mobile Wallet
  • Mobile Banking
  • Transactions / check balance
  • Bill and utility payments
  • Money transfer
  • Retailer payments
  • And more…

This secure element has the complete application pre-loaded on the chip and is simply “affixed” to the customer base SIM and installed in the handset. The set-up is done automatically in the handset with the service management backend and gets it going in no time.

Simple and easy… destined for enabling masses on financial inclusion services.

Extensions to the Solution Include:

  • Retailer mPOS solutions
  • Contactless payment services
  • Transit payment services
  • Virtual card issuance – deliver debit / credit cards data directly into the secure element and use this for payment transactions
  • Card Tokenisation
  • Seamless online payments – mobile and online.

Mobile Couponing

An innovative M-Couponing / Loyalty application working on very basic Mobile Handsets with an encrypted “text SMS”, read at special readers integrated to POS terminal at retail end points, the solution “bridges” the last leg of mobile couponing and coupon redemption. Hitherto, mobile couponing was limited to standard 1D or 2D bar codes necessitating the need for GPRS activated mobile devices and scanners at the retail end points. The designs of device screen also limited the capability of scanners from reading the barcode.

Our solution overcomes these limitations and takes the “digitization” capability to every mobile device. With a footprint planned to cover over 20,000 retail points in the country in the next 2 years, we would be the default “Mobile Coupon” redemption partner for brands / retailers / entertainment companies and others. With powerful analytics at the backend, we can understand and influence consumer buying patterns and thus, an opportunity to upsell / cross sell products to him/her besides engaging with the consumer on a very easy-to-use, mobile platform.

Smart Card Solutions

Fuel nowadays represents an important sum in the expenses of any firm and plays a direct role in calculating the unit cost of any product. Whether you operate one car, several service vans or a fleet of trucks, PetroPass works closely with you to develop a customized fuel management program that fits your company, fleet or even as an individual and to suit your budget.

With PetroPass you can get detailed reporting, cost effectiveness and reduced paperwork. PetroPass, saves time, money and you will be able to manage your fuel program more effectively.

Our Objective : To create a network of fuel stations, geographically located across any country or multiple countries connected online wired / wireless via a secured network allowing PetroPass users to manage their fuel and other payments and eliminate cash usage.

How Does it Work:Its operation is very simple. PetroPass system is very similar to any ATM bank cash dispensers, but the difference is, we pay for fuel and other services instead of the bank notes or a regular credit / debit card. Each vehicle or a user gets a smart ID card with a PIN. The card is pre charged with a fuel quantity or currency, allowing payments through this system for products and services mapped to this PetroPass.